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Berg provides management services to major transportation and civil capital improvement projects, as well as oversight and quality assurance for smaller projects.

Berg offers a comprehensive suite of services that are crucial to the success of infrastructure projects. Each of these services is designed to address specific needs and challenges that arise during the planning, design, and construction phases of a project. Whether you’re looking to ensure the quality of the construction process, manage project changes effectively, or streamline your project administration and scheduling, we have you covered.


Our personnel have extensive background in administrating project documents per contract guidelines and supporting the contractor, city and other local agencies as needed for tasks such as payroll, procurement, and subcontract management.

Change Management

We manage and document the process of making changes to your project, including the identification, evaluation, and approval of changes.

Constructibility Review

Berg is known for insightful constructability reviews that have saved clients millions of dollars, as well as countless labor hours, by reducing changes during construction. Our team’s reviewing process includes identifying any ambiguities or conflicts in documents, verifying contract provisions related to project circumstances, ensuring clearly defined testing and acceptance criteria for materials and equipment, and verifying existing conditions are documented properly and reflected in the design.

Construction Contract Management (CCM)

Our Certified Contract Manager(s) (CCM) have years of experience effectively managing the lifecycle of a contract. We help ensure all parties meet their obligations.

Construction Management

We provide professional management of construction projects, from pre-construction to close-out. We oversee cost estimating, constructibility review, construction surveying, and materials testing from beginning to closeout. Our team works hard to provide proper management of a projects schedule, cost and safety to ensure a successful project.

Construction Surveying

We provide comprehensive surveying services to ensure that projects are built according to the plans and specifications.

Cost Estimating

We offer the preparation of accurate and reliable cost estimates for construction projects, including direct and indirect costs, such as labor, materials, and equipment. As experienced construction managers, once we are on your team, we can offer suggestions related to time and cost savings that can be of great benefit to the project.

Document Control

Berg manages the creation, distribution, and storage of project-related documents. From maintaining document tracking logs and filing systems (both digitally and materially), to coordinating with project managers and inspectors to ensure correct document processing, our team successfully regulate files to ensure regulatory and security compliance.

Environmental Oversight

Berg’s environmental oversight ensures that construction projects comply with all federal, state, and local environmental regulations.

Field Operations

As your representative in the field, we make certain that the contractor provides proper safety and housekeeping procedures in every project area on a continuous basis and that we minimize disruption to the businesses and residents in the area.


A strong inspection program is the most effective way to keep the project moving. Our team of inspectors ensure all materials and procedures comply with requirements, standards and regulations to guarantee a smooth progression.

Landscape Architecture

Design and installation of landscaping, including the selection of plants, trees, and other vegetation.